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Health Sector

Bringing power to public health

Powering the public health sector means more than just a business transaction—it means supporting our community and enabling reliable, high-quality healthcare. Electract Energy is proud to support Southeast Queensland’s health services through advanced electrical services and unsurpassed customer service.

aged facility electricity

McKenzie Aged Facility, Cleveland

  • Total Construction Project Partner

Enhancing the quality of care for our community’s senior citizens was a vitally important project for Electract Energy

Put the safety and standard of Southeast Queensland’s health in our hands. It’s a responsibility we embark upon with diligence and care. Get in touch

Your questions answered

If you’re at the helm of an important healthcare provider, keeping the building safe and electrically up-to-date will be a top priority. We understand that each project is unique, and to find your ideal electrical partner, you’ll have some questions to ask. Feel free to reach out to discuss the specifics of your project.

  • What specialist services can you offer to healthcare facilities in Brisbane and surrounding regions?

    From installing advanced medical equipment to upgrading lighting and power systems, we can ensure your facility remains safe, modern and energy-efficient in numerous ways. Our team can design and install backup power solutions, including generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, to guarantee continuous operation during power outages. Our expertise also extends to integrating critical healthcare systems, such as patient monitoring, security, and HVAC, to create a cohesive and efficient facility infrastructure.

  • What projects have Electract Energy worked on in the past?

    We’re very proud of the portfolio of work we’ve built across various industries. Head to our Projects Page for a small sample of our recent work.

Accredited for Top-Quality Electrical Services

No matter how big or small the project at hand, Electract Energy is committed to ensuring safety and compliance in all of our electrical solutions. This allows us to achieve excellence, precision, and innovation across our work and be a partner you can rely on.

5-tics-certified 5 Ticks Seal of Expertise & Excellence
ISO Accreditation ISO Excellence in Electrical Solutions
cm3-certification CM3 Seal of Safety Excellence
Opportunities to Grow with Us

Join the dedicated team at Electract Energy

Joining Electract Energy means becoming part of a dynamic team that’s dedicated to shaping a brighter future and has over 80+ years of combined experience and wisdom to share. We like to think that becoming part of our business is more than just a career step, it’s a chance to connect and become part of our community.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our employees, with competitive salary packages, and a supportive work culture that respects your life beyond Electract. By working with us, you’ll contribute to meaningful community engagement and sustainable solutions, so you can feel genuinely good about what you do with your days.

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Strong Partnerships, Stronger Solutions

Our portfolio of esteemed clients stands as a testament to the quality, reliability, and excellence of our services—a standard we are exceptionally proud of. Each partner represents a unique collaboration and a shared journey built on trust.

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Your Safety, Our Responsibility

At Electract Energy, we don’t just carry out our own work safely; we can set you up for safety, too. We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services designed to ensure safety and compliance in every aspect of electrical solutions.

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