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About Electract Energy

Your Trusted Electrical Partner

Welcome to Electract Energy, an electrical company that couples high-quality work with unquestionable service. With over 80 years of combined experience wired into our business, we’ve gained a reputation for excellence across Southeast Queensland—a community we’ve served proudly since our founding in 2015.

Our wide-ranging expertise spans numerous services, including electrical installations, data and communications, fire and security and air conditioning. Across these services, we’ve developed a diverse portfolio of projects, each showcasing our commitment to outstanding customer service and exceptional work standards.

If you’re seeking an electrical partner dedicated to unwavering reliability, you’ve come to the right place.


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Founding year


Our journey began back in 2015 with a vision of exceeding industry standards in electrical services across customer service, safety standards, and quality of work. From the very beginning, our founders had a plan to match their practical skills with their reliability and business ethics.

The journey and growth

Since our inception, we’ve steadily expanded our services and geographical area while maintaining our commitment to quality and innovation. We now offer a comprehensive range of electrical services, including commercial construction, refurbishments, government projects, and public infrastructure projects, just to name a few.

Future Vision

2023 and beyond

Our future vision for Electract Energy is to strive forward as an industry leader in sustainable and innovative electrical solutions. We aspire to drive community growth, guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, as well as a deep sense of responsibility to Southeast Queensland, where we’re grateful to live and work.

Electract Energy Leadership

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Steven Baker

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Tony Tausz


Our team of professionals

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Darryl Wells

Estimating Manager
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Dave Poggioli

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Lisa Rock

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Aaron Potter

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Justin Cummings


Our values

Electract Energy proudly operates with a values-led approach to business. Our core values include excellence, innovation, safety, client focus, and community engagement. These values shape every aspect of our business and guide our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service.

  • What does Electract Energy specialise in?

    Electract Energy is your go-to specialist across a broad spectrum of electrical needs. Our electrical solutions ensure your power needs are met with precision, keeping you connected, safe and comfortable. You can turn to us for commercial construction, refurbishments, health services, government projects, educational facilities, safety and compliance, telecommunications, public infrastructure projects, data and communications systems, security systems and more.

  • What is the mission and vision of Electract Energy?

    Our mission at Electract Energy is to provide superior electrical solutions while prioritising safety, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our vision is to be the industry leader in sustainable, community-focused electrical services, all whilst maintaining our valuable internal culture.

  • What geographical area does Electract Energy serve?

    The Electract Energy office is found in Brisbane, and our best-in-class electrical services are offered throughout Southeast Queensland.

  • What can clients expect when working with Electract Energy?

    When clients choose to work with Electract Energy, they can expect an unwavering commitment to excellence. We happily work across unique needs and varying budgets, always offering a steadfast focus on safety and innovation. Our client-centric approach ensures complete satisfaction in every project we take on. With over 80 years of combined experience, you can trust our established reputation for reliability and professionalism across all electrical services.

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Sponsoring local sporting clubs

Building a brighter future for our communities

We’ve been able to establish a successful business here in Brisbane thanks to the trust and commitment of our clients. To show our gratitude, we give back wherever we can. Our current sponsorships help local sporting clubs, aligning to our goal of building a brighter future for our communities. We’re eager to foster growth and connection in the areas we serve however we can.

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