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Advancing Operational and Technological Excellence in Electrical and Communications Infrastructure

The project encompasses comprehensive electrical, communications, and security installations in a commercial kitchen and Head offices, along with the installation of a new site transformer and a New site Main Switch Board. This initiative not only enhances the operational efficiency and safety of the premises but also supports the integration of advanced technology and infrastructure. The strategic implementation of these systems is aimed at meeting current demands while allowing for future scalability and technological advancements.

Commercial Construction

Your trusted partner in power

Commercial construction holds unique requirements and the importance of ensuring a business’s safety and high standards. At Electract Energy, we can power the future success of any organisation with our unparalleled electrical expertise. Our team brings innovative solutions, unquestionable reliability, and a client-led approach to electrical work to all projects we work on. When you need commercial construction that exceeds all expectations, you need Electract Energy.

Commercial Construction

Manly Harbour Boat Club

  • Ashley Cooper Construction Project Partner

Decadent cocktails and views to North Stradbroke—the Manly Harbour Boat Club is an exceptional venue that deserves exceptional electrical and top-tier communications installations. The exterior lights up at sunset, revealing a waterfront hospitality setting we are proud to have in our portfolio.