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Electrical work for a heritage educational building

The restoration of the Fewings Building at Somerville House invited the Electract Energy team to draw upon our 80 years of knowledge and experience for an important task—modernising an educational setting whilst persevering its unique heritage. The result? A dynamic interplay of modern electrical infrastructure and timeless design.


An act of careful preservation

An independent Brisbane high school with an impressive reputation, Somerville House embarked upon the restoration of the Fewings Building to uphold its world-class educational standard. Electract Energy joined forces with acclaimed architects BSPN to breathe new life into this cherished heritage site. The challenge was to usher the learning spaces into the modern era without dimming the antique grandeur of the structures.


Positively influencing an important learning environment

It’s always a privilege to work within the educational landscape, knowing our efforts will directly influence an important learning environment. Our approach to the Fewings Building restoration project was seated in our company’s values of reliability and dedication to yield an electrical setting that’s safe, efficient and innovative.


The rebirth of a brilliant learning hub

The Somerville House Fewings Building is now a brilliant learning hub powered by an innovative electrical system. This restoration project successfully preserved the building’s traditional foundations whilst embracing a new era in electrical excellence, meeting the high standards deserved in educational environments.

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Transform with expert electrical work

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Guardian Angels Primary School

  • Ashley Cooper Construction Project Partner

This visionary project resulted in an enriching environment for the young minds of Guardian Angels Primary School. We’re incredibly proud to see the impressive new structure now standing with modern and safe electrical.