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apartment lighting

Boosting a Brisbane residential complex

This apartment complex in Corinda sets a new standard in connectivity, security and efficiency. A multifaceted installation, the project included a variety of electrical components that came together without a hitch, exceeding our client’s high expectations for the development. From the fire detection system to the sophisticated lighting, we’re hugely proud of the result.


Catering to modern residential demands

The 721 Oxley Road project allowed us to significantly contribute to a new urban living experience in Brisbane. With a focus on safety, convenience, and modern amenities, our team embarked on a comprehensive installation, aiming to cater to the modern demands of its new residents.


Apartment living, elevated by superior electrical

Our approach to this apartment complex was driven by the goal of creating a modern, secure, and connected living environment. This involved meticulous installation of NBN and communication systems as well as general lighting and power to ensure inspiring and functional living spaces. We also installed emergency and evacuation lighting and high-tech security and fire detection systems to give residents peace of mind.


A high standard of urban living

Through our commitment to electrical excellence and well-integrated infrastructure, these Oxley Road residents now enjoy a high standard of urban living where they can feel safe and connected at all times. The successful installation of these vital systems showcases our dedication to creating secure and connected urban spaces.

Telecommunications Solutions

Expert electrical to empower connectivity

Telecommunications solutions are at the core of how we connect with the people around us. From custom network designs to high-speed fibre optic, Electract Energy modernises the way you connect. If you’re seeking an electrical partner who’s reliable and highly skilled, you’ve come to the right place.

Telecommunications Solutions
clemjones electricity

Terry MacKenroth Community Gymnasium

  • Niclin Project Partner

A vital part of Carina’s Clem Jones Centre, the Terry MacKenroth Community Gymnasium is a proud feature of our portfolio.